July 29, 2005

Nasturtium flower, 25 July 05.

State Dept admits Bolton gave "inaccurate" answers
Liar and no-talent assclown LIED to the Senate Foreign Relations committee, country

"And you wanted to be my latex salesman..."
- Jerry Seinfeld, to a prone and hysterical George Costanza.

The State Department reversed itself on Thursday night and acknowledged that President Honor'n Integritude's UN ambassador nominee lied to Congress about a government investigation into lying about faulty prewar intelligence he was involved in.

"When Mr. Bolton completed his form during the Senate confirmation process he did not recall being interviewed by the State Department inspector general," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said with a straight face.

Yes, Preznit Stupid's "right man" for the important UN position is not only an obnoxious bully, but a proven liar. Good one.