July 25, 2005

The scum is rising
Why no-talent assclown John Bolton will never be ambassador to the United Nations

[A]s Josh Marshall points out, as part of her confirmation hearings for a State Department public relations position, "former" Bunnypants nanny and alleged transsexual pro-wrestler Karen Hughes was, by law, obligated to answer a questionnaire that asked whether there were any legal proceedings to which she might be a be part of: She admitted that she had testified before Fitzgerald's grand jury. Marshall points out [WH pet John] Bolton also answered "no" on the questionnaire -- though, it turns out he also testified before the grand jury on the contents of the Plame memo.

If Bolton intentionally misled the Senate in his questionnaire, he's toast. End of story.

The key is revealed in the Washington Note's Steve Clemons' latest post: He asserts that Bolton was a major source for NYT's WH stenographer and propaganda chief Judith Miller, currently incarcerated for refusing to surrender a source's name to the Fitzgerald grand jury.

Hmmmmm: not only has Dick 'chicanery' Cheney's chief-of-staff Scooter Libby been identified as one of the sources in the Plame leak case, so has Cheney's neocon protege' John Bolton... so is this Dick 'dick' Cheney's blue dress?