September 26, 2005

Frist's political future darkens over questions on stock sales
Freetards bring up Hitlery Xlintoon's cattle futures in 3... 2... 1...

Senate majority leader/sanctimonious Bible-thumping moral-values schmuckwit Bill "visual stimuli" Frist may face a Senate investigation over communications he had with the trustees of his assets that suggest he had a greater measure of control than reported over the blind trust. He faces federal investigations into his HCA stock sale, probes that will likely delve into his telephone and e-mail records, legal experts said.

The SEC's new chairman -- former Republican Representative Chris Cox, who was appointed last month by President Partyhat -- may be reluctant for political reasons to drop the case, even if an initial inquiry turns up no clear sign of illegal insider-trading.

Not so fast: now we're reading that Mr Cox has just recused himself from the investigation.