September 28, 2005

Hey, look - DeLay's been indicted!
Gov. Kathleen Blanco fired back today at incompetent hack Brownie, who did a heckuva job uttering "falsehoods and misleading statements" under oath to Congress.

She said Brown's comment clearly demonstrates what she says is the "appalling degree" to which he's "out of touch with the truth or reality."

Brown had a 'testy' exchange with republican Christopher Shays, who said the Fumbling Fuckwit (no, the other one) failed when compared with how America's former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani acted during 9/11.

Brown retorted: "I guess you want me to be the superhero, to step in there and take everyone out of New Orleans."

"What I wanted you to do is do your job," Shays replied. "Asshat."

Oh, did I mention? Tom DeLay's been indicted! And accused of criminal conspiracy! Mwwwaaaahahahahahahahahaha!


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