September 24, 2005

Stuff from the internets
100,000 expected to join Cindy Sheehan – and Barb of the Mahablog! - at the anti-war rally in DC today.

Looks like Pope Palpatine made good use of the dark side of the Force.

“1873 dead Americans, $144 billion wasted tax dollars, and an entire country's credibility and goodwill blown to bits around the planet and all they got was another lousy Islamic republic.”

For the love of criminey… Bunnypants’ Texas trip cancelled because it was too sunny. Oh, and the WaComPo is a BushCumHo.

"Christianity has nothing to do with Christ and probably never has, unless Christ was a close-minded, misogynistic, war-loving, imperialistic, aggressive hater of anything he didn't understand or agree with. "

“Why is it reporters like Anderson Cooper (I mean, what's a hurricane without Andy getting blown [cough] down the street?), and all the others out there in the hurricanes, dodging the wind, water, and debris, can't wait to get out there and report the story, yet none of them have the balls to report what is actually going on in Washington?”