March 28, 2007

Everybody hates Dick
"The Chimpster is even losing support in Utah, the reddest of the red states."

RDale from Utah sent us this :

Some Brigham Young University students, faculty and alumni have launched several petition drives voicing their opposition to Vice President Dick Cheney speaking at the school's commencement in April.

Others are planning to boycott the graduation, hold alternative ceremonies off campus, or publicly protest the vice president's speech, said Warner Woodworth, a professor of organizational behavior who is helping with some of the petitions.

An online petition at says, "Cheney has made misleading statements about the tragic war which continues in Iraq, levied outrageous partisan accusations against his Democratic opponents, and used vulgarity on the Senate floor. He has been linked to serious scandals involving botched intelligence reports, no-bid contracts awarded to friends and political donors, and perjury convictions handed down to his own staff."

Because of such actions, the petition says, Cheney should not be given a platform "for his controversial political agenda."


Anonymous said...

Yanno, when you've lost the Mormons, it's time to pack it in.

Anonymous said...

I won't argue.

(Not Mormon myself, but I've lived hear for decades and seen just how deep the Republican-worship runs in the church.)

Anonymous said...

A must read - Kathy's 'Mormon Mafia' piece from yesterday. (@ Down With Tyranny)

I could not believe how connected the WH is to the Mormons.