March 31, 2007

So... what's up today?


--mf said...


Hill's Prescription Pet Foods has recalled it's "M/D" Dry Cat Food:

I called my Vererinarian first thing this morning, and they had NO CLUE about the recall. Please urge your readers to call their's. They just might save not only their cat, but also their neighbor's cat!


maru said...

Thanks, mf!

Anonymous said...

Waz up MF?

Anonymous said...

Waz up MF?

Raenelle said...

My mother-in-law, in defending Bush, just said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that's why you need a strong leader.

We had no immediate response. Our brains shut down momentarily in the face of the sheer irrationality. These people are beyond help. Facts don't matter; reason doesn't matter; common sense doesn't matter. Retarded, ignorant, malevolent--all these descriptions assume way too much brain function. It's really more useful to think of them as simply a muscle twitch.

Anonymous said...

Well, I bought some of the first flowers of the year and put them outside. A few of my herbs have popped up so they've been put out as well.

Anonymous said...

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