March 30, 2007

Turdblossom circling the drain
- paraphrasing Gordon.

Multiple sources reported today that a top aide to Karl Rove will soon step down from her job in the White House. The aide, Sara M. Taylor, was identified in yesterday's hearing with a former top Justice Department official as seeking the resignation of a US Attorney in Arkansas. She could still face a subpoena, RAW STORY learned.
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today requested that former Special Assistant to the President, Susan Ralston, appear at a deposition on Apr. 5th, as part of the committee's ongoing investigation into the connection between the White House and lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Ralston, who was a deputy to White House Adviser Karl Rove between 2001 and 2006, appeared frequently in emails collected in the case.
This is in addition to Henry Waxman's demand for info regarding Karl's possibly illegal power-point slide show to the GSA targeting Democrats.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Oh, MAAAANNNN!!!! You just made my fucking day! Yes! Thank you.

Fixer said...

Not to be picky, but could ya fix the link to Gord's post? We like to get the old man the credit he deserves for his excellent one liners. Thanks, Maru.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before, let's keep Jack 'emoff just "a bit longer", shall we?

At least, in my mind, until we know WHO received the $490,000 sent through the Long Beach attorney from our Superior Court here in Guam to "The White House" according to said attorney. Investigating it got our US Attorney reassigned.

We still don't even get to know who it was that authorized the payments in $90,000 increments, yet.

Our wonderfully corrupt Pacific Daily News fer ya.

Gordon said...

Heads oughta roll for that Guam deal.

Unknown said...

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