April 9, 2007

F*ck that!
"Efforts are being made to clean up the quality of online discourse with a carefully constructed set of principles." Meanwhile, subhuman racist trolls Glen Beck, Don Imus, and Rush Limbaugh are still on the air, not to mention harpy c*nt skank mAnn Coulter.

I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Please never clean up around here, Maru.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I don't see much internal nastiness on this site (well, not since Esteban stopped visiting) compared with a few of those other 'A-list' sites that I've infrequently visited. With the figures quoted in the article (ie; the 70 million blogs), it always surprises me that anyone would stick around and harrass a particular blogger that they vehemently disagreed with... why not just go and find a site that's more to your liking?

And if anyone is naive enough to believe -- especially after 9/11, the Patriot Act, etc -- that the Internet is truly 'anonymous', they're seriously deluded. All one has to do is watch the local or national TV news-mags and see how easily they trace (and often arrest) visitors to child-porn sites to know that the Internet is FAR from 'anonymous'. Or even on this 'Blogger', just check out the 'Map Stats' box on the left and see how it can virtually pinpoint your address, though it doesn't display it. To go around seriously threatening people on the Internet and think you can do it with impunity is a fool's game.

As far as language goes, I'd pose the admittedly rhetorical question about which is worse, an anonymous blogger saying "Fuck you" a thousand times or a Commander-in-Chief saying 'Commence bombing" once?

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure I need that sort of protection, Edison. Think maybe Dom should use some, though."

--Blank Reg, Max Headroom episode "Lessons"

Anonymous said...

What happened to Sierra really was some crazy, line-blurring shit--There were excerpts on Salon--but what are they suggesting? Most bloggers institute commenting rules and/or moderate--are we supposed to guilt the rest of 'em into it, just on the off chance a horde of double-Y chromies might descend?

I hate to underplay the incident that got the ball rolling on this--it was well beyond a troll infestation, and quite possibly harassment, some of it--but fuck this O'Reilly guy. With that "managed discourse" line he's making the school-uniform argument.

Man, I hope my new screen name fits.