April 28, 2007

Prickmas in April

I just have to add my own $.02 to what Undeniable Liberal said above about Randall Tobias. See, in the Bush Midadminstration, as long as you speak and think according to the prevailing ideology, it doesn't seem to matter what the fuck you do. So, yeah, the married HIV/AIDS czar Randall Tobias can run around recommending monogamy and abstinence for young people and poor people and Third World citizens, while forking over a wad of cash regularly to a hooker for sex.

Good God, don't y'all wonder why these people's brains don't ass-PLODE from the cognitive/moral dissonance? Oh, right--if you have neither a mind nor a conscience, you can function just fine.



Undeniable Liberal said...


Anonymous said...

Shrinks are crazy.
Bar managers are alcoholics.
Cops are criminal.
Firefighters played with fire when they were children and many were/are arsonists.

See a pattern?

Anonymous said...

Diva, diva, diva.....he is a Republican.

He is married to a Republican woman.

Do you think anyone wants to fuck her?

no. So, he goes and finds "normal" nookie, hooker style.

He's 65, I ain't gonna dis him, I want to emulate him, hahahaha.

That's "emulate", not masturbate. Don't go there.

Funny quick one: on every Bangkok street corner (tourist area), there are the idiot Thai men hawking pussy to the farang. "Good Pussy" "Pretty lady", like any man with a face and a dick can't get laid there.

But one guy: "pretty lady"

Me: "I like fat boys"

Thai: "Oh, very funny sir, good pussy!!"

Me: "I use this, save money" (show my hand)

Thai: "Oh, very funny sir, beautiful young girl, very good pussy!!"

Me: "You think I need you to find me pussy?"

Thai: "No, not pussy sir...SUPER PUSSY!!!"

I couldn't help it, I had to stop walking and laugh.

Unknown said...

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