April 16, 2007

Quote of the day
"Mr. Wolfowitz shouldn't be too concerned about losing his current job -- with such an appalling record of cronyism, incompetence, and unfounded optimism which later turns out to be utterly detrimental to the security of the United States, I think we might have found our ideal candidate for the position of War Czar!" -- EarlG.


Anonymous said...

'Earl G' makes an excellent point - - and I support him on it! Especially since Wolfie couldn't do much direct harm as 'War Czar' since it's going to be just a titular position -- Cheney is still going to call the shots with Bush as Frontman #1, so the War Czar is just going to be the 'easy fire-ee' when things continue to go down the crapper and Cheney wants to buy more time.

Undeniable Liberal said...


Anonymous said...

I do believe that Wolfie is in the pipeline for a Presidential Medal of Whatever. Is that not the pattern with Chimpie?