May 20, 2007

Broderella, consummate misadministration pudpuller, ejaculates another steaming pile of santorum

The sausage jockey to the Bush WH must be spending this weekend tugging those stubborn little hairs from between his teeth after his major spoodge-a-thon on Friday:

The two wounded warriors stood side by side in the sunshine of the White House Rose Garden. Tony Blair and George Bush, partners in a transatlantic alliance that has come a cropper in Iraq, tried to shield each other from the slings and arrows of two nations' reporters.

Bush upbraided British journalists for "trying to do a tap dance" on the "political grave" of the soon-to-depart prime minister. Blair chided European politicians who, seeking what he called "the easiest round of applause, get up and attack America" and its president.

By the end of an agonizing half-hour news conference, what they had left was their shared conviction that their nations stand alone, together, against an evil menace in the world.
Sob! It's just like that scene in Star Wars! Or that other scene in Star Wars! :: sniff! ::

Excepting the only thing Awol McShithead ever fought for was that last beer in the sixpack, you fucking dumbass. Jebus Christ.

Oh, and Broderella? BubbleBoy's job approval has fallen to "the lowest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports."


ThePoliticalCat said...

Broder. Another person who should retire before every last shred of dignity has rotted away under the avalanche of his senile pronouncements.

Anonymous said...

Asshole Broder tries to turn the world's bully & and his toady sidekick (Scott Farkus & Dill, from "A Christmas Story" come to mind) into the VICTIMS.... forget about those 100's of THOUSANDS of Iraqi civilians who may have suffered a 'slight interruption' in their day when they were KILLED, and the millions who were turned into refugees - - that all pales in comparison to the horrible softball questioning Bush & Blair have to endure!