June 19, 2007

At a recent Meat Presser
What's up with all those fucking missing emails, Tony Snowjob?
Snowjob: The Clenis did it too!! And we’ll just — we’ll leave it at that. I mean, these were designed precisely to avoid Hatch Act violations that prohibit the use of government assets for certain political activities.
Q What have you all found in looking at these emails and emails related to the U.S. attorneys –
MR. SNOW: Go Fuck yourselves.
And then, somehow, without busting into hysterical laughter he added:

“This is an administration that is very careful about obeying the law. We take it seriously. The White House legal Counsel’s Office takes it seriously.”
He later added that he meant to say, “…in order to try to avoid Hatch act prosecutions,” and then abruptly ended the press conference to attend a meeting with Comedy Central and Baghdad Bob to negotiate terms for a new series to be named later. Any ideas?

~Undeniable Liberal~

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Anonymous said...

TS whitewashs the WH stonewall.