July 28, 2007

Around blogtopia
y! sctp!

  • Jon at the Pensito Review: Tony Snow whines about Dem investigations - but the GOP issued hundreds of subpoenas against the Clintons, even investigating their cat (the GOP issued 1,052 subpoenas to investigate the Clinton Administration between 1997 and 2002).

  • Catapulting the propaganda: Il Duce-bag preaches to the choir about executive privilege.

  • Some nice pics of hummingbirds at the Biomes Blog.

  • A cup of pups. Because the world needs more puppies.

  • OK, this cracked me up: "Peanuts" by Charles Bukowski.

  • Bob Geiger has the Saturday toons!

  • Yuck!

  • Must-see video: Back talk -- pissed off at Bush and the press.

  • Giggle: Death Cat on Gonzo watch.

  • The Fox Nutwork's nutty lefty blogosphere paranoid witch hunt.