July 30, 2007

Fred's funds raise fear of flop
Drudgerico reports: Saint Fred Reaganson, savior of the rebooblican party, announced that his pre-presidential non-campaign campaign raised only slightly more than $3 million, substantially less than some backers had hoped.


Anonymous said...

A suggestion: Go register as a republican, so you can vote for Cheney as candidate. Let's just say we are for "preserving traditional values", ok? How?
Since when hasn't the sitting VP been the traditional candidate for his party? I see no breakaway candidate on either side, actually a lot of apathy for these chosen candidates msm is foisting on the public perception.

That's right. And I fervently wish he does decide to run. Not because I know he would lose. Because I know his hubris is such, he would not blink at pulling out all the stops, utilizing all the nefarious and shady people they have embedded, and the technology to steal another election. Just proven in California.


But this time, even his msm allies, his AIPAC backers, won't be able to hoodwink the masses again, that I am positive of.

RUN, DICK, RUN!!!!!!!

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