July 30, 2007

Makin' significant progress
A "cause for optimism" -- yore preznit, 7/12/07.

  • With their month-long August vacation starting already, Iraq's government has failed to take responsibility for reconstruction projects and is struggling to administer its budget for oil, public works and education, a U.S. special inspector general said on Monday.

  • As things continue to go remarkably well in Iraq, three U.S. soldiers were killed during combat operations on Thursday in Anbar province, the U.S. military revealed.

  • As we turn another corner in that benighted hellhole, about 8 million Iraqis -- nearly a third of the population -- need immediate emergency aid because of the huge humanitarian crisis caused by the war.

  • Since we've turned the tide with the new strategery, a bomb in an Indiana-like market has killed only six after the Iraq Cup victory, while other attacks have left 58 dead.

  • US generals expect to need a large contingent of troops in Iraq until the middle of 2009, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq said on Monday.

  • As we adapt to win, US-tribal alliances draw Iraqi ire: The strategy is 'a seed for civil war,' says a prime minister's aide.

    Yes, we are finally getting somewhere in Iraq! Morons.


    Anonymous said...

    The soccer success was actually a much bigger deal than you imply. Iraq won the Asian Cup. They were able to win at the expense of some regional powerhouses like South Korea, Japan, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

    Iraqi people have something to celebrate in otherwise very dismal times. It's not much but they must be looking for all the good news they can get.

    Congratulations to the Iraqi football team.

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