July 31, 2007

Quick One Hitters
After bribing several Middle east regimes with weapons deals, Chimpface's concubine Condi and Defense Secretary Bob Gates were dispatched to meet with our allies in the Middle East to put on a dog and pony show obtain increased support for the Iraqi government and are leaving with nothing to show for their efforts. Well, Condi DID score a few pair of snazzy shoes...... Gates was disappointed to have not grabbed a deal on some rugs.

Be all you can be by being a "quick shipper" and snag a REAL quick Twenty Grand.

Iraq Nam is said to be in the throes (not last either) of a "second insurgency".

Headline of the day on teh intratubes: Cheney Says He Is A 'Unique Creature' heh, tru dat, Darth but you are NOT my father either!

Speaking of tubes, Senator Tubes got raided.

~Undeniable Liberal~