July 31, 2007

Rule of l...
The Democrats are scandal addicts. So says gpuke fuckhole Rich Lowry in his latest one-handed hate-screed --

A majority is a terrible thing to waste. That’s not stopping congressional Democrats. When not trying to force a pullout from Iraq, their main effort has been chasing Bush-administration scandals that loom large only in their fevered imaginations....

But Democrats can’t help themselves. They’ve held more than 600 oversight hearings so far, and these hearings are close to their only accomplishment.
Awwww. Wehhhh. Gee. Where have I heard something like that before... hmmmm...

Suck it, you foul-smelling smeg-pump. What goes around comes around, doesn't it, jerkoff. No link fot this garbage -- just do a search on "repuke touch-hole" and you'll probably find it.


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

"They’ve held more than 600 oversight hearings so far..."

It's called BACKLOG, Lowry.

Anonymous said...

Lots of political discussions revolve around discussion/debates about INTERPRETATIONS of facts -- how they fit into different theories/outlooks, but with these Neo-cons, you can't even accept their statements of 'facts'. In this case, I would want some independent listing/verification of the reputed 600 hearings because many of these Neo-con assholes are not above making up stuff like that. They're a minority party that occassionally gets a bare majority by various skullduggery, so they have to lie to try to keep people interested in their corrupt, 1890's ideas.

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