July 30, 2007

Serial liar's untruthfulness long known
"Misstatements" to shield BFF Bush stretch back a decade --

Alberto Gonzales has appeared to lawmakers to be shielding uncomfortable facts about the Bush administration's conduct on sensitive matters. A series of misstatements and omissions has come to define his tenure at the helm of the Justice Department and is the central reason that lawmakers in both parties have been trying for months to push him out of his job.
Cripes. Can this WaComPo reporter be any more of a snivelling pantywaist?

For months -- if not years -- now, the so-called 'attorney general of the United States' has been suppressing information embarrassing to his actual bosses, the co-presidents Bush and Cheney. While Democrats are trying to restore some measure of credibilty to the once-respected office, republicans would still rather put party before country and protect the president(s).

There. Fixed it. Christ.
Yet controversy over Gonzales's candor about George W. Bush's conduct or policies has actually dogged him for more than a decade, since he worked for Bush in Texas...
And still that magical vortex of suckitude called Congress confirmed this lying assclown as the nation's attorney general. It's fucking mindboggling.

Flipping off Congress, America.