July 30, 2007

A Very Disturbing Image Of LIEberman
For fuck's sake and the love of all things fucked. This is getting beyond hilarious. Bill "falafelman" O'Lielly" already tightly puckered sphincter is all a twitter over "Disturbing Images" of Joe Lieberman(R-Tel-Aviv) at The Great Orange Satan. Indeed, must see TV on the idiot box tonite at Fox Spews:

The O’Reilly Factor plans an update on issues involving DailyKos website the story for Monday.
There are some disturbing images on the DailyKos depicting Sen. Joe Lieberman and others along with some very offensive language. We are asking for statements regarding this issue from each of the Democratic candidates planning to attend the YearlyKos convention.
The image attached is from an active posting. I think that most people would agree that this sort of thing has no place in mainstream political discourse.

Shit the bed, Fred!! “Disturbing” images of Joe Lieberman? THIS liberal mind can only imagine. However, the crew at Corrente mentions Holy Joe in the context of a fluffer. If you dare, the "disturbing image" is below........

~Undeniable Liberal~