August 8, 2007

The Mittster Supports GWOT
His sons support the global war for the survival of rich white males and the eradication of brown people sitting on Cheney's oil by working to get him elected because of those damn shoulders....well....Commander codpiece could land a 747 on them. Oh, and narcissistically, they KNOW that he would make a great presidunce.
Actually putting on a uniform with a weapon and a helmet and over a hundred pounds of gear in 125 degree weather? That's for the common folk. THEY have more important work to do.


maru said...

Just like me slinging back a few margaritas, Mitt's sons are showing their support for the country -- by helping him get elected!

Fun fact: Romney the elder did not serve in Vietnam because he was practicing the missionary position in France. True.

Undeniable Liberal said...