August 29, 2007

Yea Though I walk Through The Valley of a Shadow of a Nuclear Holocaust,

I Will Fear No Evil, For My Rod And Staff is Bigger Than Everybody Else's
Conveniently ignoring reality, and any semblance of facts Presidunce Awol McFlightsuit warned a drunked up American Legion crowd that the Middle East faces an imminent danger of A Nookuleer Holocaust due to Iran's LEGAL pursuit of atomic energy. He also acknowledged in a garbled up collection of sentence fragments that it's perfectly alright for Pakistan, Israel, and India to have nookuleer toys because he is the deciderer.
How many lies does he have to utter before before the poor, misguided 26%ers get up off their knees, wipe off their chins, get some self-respect, and think for themselves?
Chimperor Flacidius Maximus now has an exit strategy for Iraq. Heading east into Iran.

Time to dust off the plastic jebus.

~Undie Lib~