September 26, 2007

"As a last resort"

Bush promised he would invade Iraq, whether or not Saddam complied with UN weapons inspectors.

Lessee... weppins a' mass distrucshun. Naw, smoking mushroom clouds. Fightin' 'em over there. Naw, killin' his own people. Uhhh, democritude! Naw, wepp... umm, 'cause I want tuh!

El Pais, the highest-circulation daily in Spain, today published what it said was the transcript of a private talk between Bush and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar on February 22, 2003, concerning the coming U.S. invasion of Iraq.

The conversation took place at Bunnypants' blazing hellhole in Crawford, Texas. The confidential transcript was prepared by Spain's ambassador to the United States, the paper reported.

Bush purportedly said he planned to invade Iraq in March "if there was a United Nations Security Council resolution or not... We have to get rid of Saddam. We will be in Baghdad at the end of March."
He also threatened nations with retaliation if they did not vote for a UN resolution backing the war. Integrity.


Anonymous said...

Boy, it just makes you wonder WTF WOULD Bush have to say/do for 'impeachment' NOT to be 'off the table' for the Dems?? Jesus-H-Christ! INTENTIONALLY, WILLFULLY PLANNING A MAJOR INVASION/WAR AGAINST ANOTHER NON-THREATENING COUNTRY FOR NO ACCEPTABLE REASON, SO OBVIOUSLY WRONG THAT HE & STAFF CREATED NUMEROUS LIES/EXCUSES! Sure sounds to me like it rises above the 'crimes & misdemeanors' threshold level!

Anonymous said...

Invading and occupying a country for no reason is an international war crime and a crime against humanity. Period.