September 19, 2007

Rethug family values and the sanctity of marriage

Federal prosecutor arrested in child sex sting: a republican US Justice Department official from Florida has been arrested on suspicion of traveling to Detroit over the weekend to have sex with a 5-year-old.

Married "family man" John David R. Atchison, 53, an assistant U.S. attorney, was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Detroit Monday afternoon.

In the deposition, detectives said Atchison suggested the mother tell her daughter that "you found her a sweet boyfriend who will bring her presents."

The undercover detective expressed concern about physical injury to the 5-year-old girl as a result of the sexual activity. Detectives said Atchison responded, " I am always gentle and loving; not to worry, no damage ever, no rough stuff ever. I only like it soft and nice."

The undercover detective asked how Atchison can be certain of no injury. He responded, "Just gotta go slow and very easy. I've done it plenty," according to detectives.
Oh... my... God.


pygalgia said...

GOP = gross obstructionist perverts.

Anonymous said...

that guy's in trouble.

he'll find jebus, though, don't worry...

Anonymous said...

GOOOOD GAAAWWWWD! is this guy a loyal bushie? does anyone know? this is so horrifically dispicable. i hope to GOD he's not a dem.
and jasonc got it dead right. he'll be NEWLY SAVED by this time next week.
hollllly chit.

Anonymous said...

I googled Bush for the hell of it one day and found a site talking about George Bush Sr. and some others having children brought into the White House at night for child sex parties. I did'nt take it seriously then but you have to wonder if they don't have some underground kiddie sex operation run by and for the GOP, I'm just sayin'.