September 28, 2007

Supporting the troops, chickenhawk junkie style

Bestial draft dodger and subhuman, autofellating wankrag Rush Limpbaugh is thankfully getting blasted for his hateful "phony soldiers" comment --

When someone like Rush Limbaugh says that soldiers who disagree with the failed strategies of Bush, Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are "phony soldiers," you have to consider the source.

Rush Limbaugh, who, in January, called Vietnam veteran Senator Chuck Hagel "Senator Betrayus" for disagreeing with [that AWOL sack of bad meat in the WH], has made no secret of his disdain for those who serve and speak out. Where was Rush Limbaugh when it came time to serve his country?
That's right: picking his ass!
What's more, where was Limbaugh's outrage when Max Cleland, a Senator who left three of his limbs in Vietnam was smeared on television? Where was Limbaugh when Senator John Kerry's service was called into question in the form of millions of dollars in campaign ads?
Wanking off to posters of Ronald Reagan and to thoughts of getting fist-humped by Tom DeLay in a hot-tub. Or picturing himself rubbing the sweat off Dick Cheney's flabby, scarred manboobs.

Next: Congress votes on a resolution to condemn the destestable jerkwad and ... ha ha! Who am I kidding?! Pussies.

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Anonymous said...

Ehhh.. did you have to remind me of Limbaugh's private life in the 2nd last paragraph!?! That's another sleepless night! (Note: it DOES explain why he was caught carrying all those boner-pills around!)