October 25, 2007


First it was his middle name. Then it was the “madrassa” bullshit. Soon after, it was the absence of a flag pin on his lapel. And now, just when you think these fucking shit throwing Reich-wingnuts can't sink any lower, they have now produced evidence that b. HUSSEN OSMABAMA is A TERRORIST. See for yourself. (Click the link for some genuine ass-hattery)

Coming Soon: b HUSSEIN OSAMABAMA started the California wildfires.


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Someone with the Obama campaign needs to do damage control on this QUICK. I'm certain it was a matter of timing. They all appear to be looking offstage perhaps waiting for the music to start? That's going to be the next big conservative chain email soon.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

AND ANOTHER THING [completely sloshed, splashes his burbon sour onto his wrinkled suit]...

Most of their comments are focused on the placement of Obama's hands ("over his crotch"). WTF. What is their obsession with the male genitalia?????? I don't get it. And I'm gay!

Kratoklastes said...

If those whackjobs over at that link are for real, there is actual LAW which REQUIRES Americans to salute a piece of cloth.

Fuck me - any nation which has such a ludicrous Stalinist fetish for symbology, ought to go the same way as the Soviet Union...

Oh wait... getting bled dry in and around Mesopotamia, burdening future generations with grinding debt, a political class who are worthless parasites, government spending at 44% of GDP and rising... the US IS going the way of the Soviets.



Never saluted a piece of fabric in my life, and never react in a Pavlovian fashion to a second-rate song...

Undeniable Liberal said...


Anonymous said...

Assuming that the excerpt from the US code is correct, the use of the word "should" means that the protocol described in the code is advisory, not mandatory.

I don't worship symbols or talismanic representations of any kind, and that's perfectly legal.... still....so far.

Avedon said...

There is no law that you have to put your hand over your heart. It's standard to do so when saying The Pledge, but not generally when singing the national anthem.

Kratoklastes said...

Hey there Avedon & Julian.

Even with the qualifier (i.s., 'should' instead of 'must') it's pretty gob-smacking stuff.

Everybody outside of the continental US can see the degree to which US citizens are indoctrinated (much like citizens of the former Soviet Union). It's not a surprise that amongst the duller half of the Bell Curve the indoctrination bears fruit.

I watched a piece just last night which detailed how the US Government was beaten at every turn by the (inefficient, wasteful) Socialist government of the Soviet Union when it came to the Space Race.

The fact - only to be expected - that the Soviets were leading in a race to see who could waste the most government money on things of no value whatsoever, was somehow turned into an issue of national shame. Andd yet every 'successful' shot (e.g., the 15-minute US astronaut 'orbit', a year afer Gagarin) was greeted with massive outpourings of some bizarre form of nationalist pride (We wasted more dough on .. what?).

We just finished a 50-year pissing contest between theories about the ownership of capital. In the process, we (the West - the Good Guys) slaughtered three or four million Asians whose only crime was to perhaps be silly enough to believe in Marxian codswallop. During that pissing contest, we expended TRILLIONS of dollars (coerced from people's paypackets) to 'defend'ourselves from a system that Mises and Hayek had shown (in the 1920s) was internally doomed to failure.

And after that trillion-dollar expenditure, G/GDP (Government SPending as a proportion of GDP) is 44% and rising.

To get to G/GDP at 44% with (X-M)/GDP (the trade balance as a proportion of GDP) at -6%, it turns out that you need T/GDP (Taxes as a proportion of GDP) to be more than half of WSS (wages, salaries and supplements) - or you need to defer those taxes by running deficits (which in any case imply future tax rises to pay down the debt).

OK - eco digression over. Back to the Asians...

In other periods of history, wiping out several millions is something that usually results in show trials and executions and so on. It results in the entitlement of the victims to a new country of their own, and protection from criticism forever more.

Why does nobody refer to the slaughter in Asia in the 1960s and 1970s as a Holocaust? Depending on whose work you read, it was on about the same scale, and it was orchestrated by the same sort of people (e.g., Kissinger, who differs from Eichmann in name only).

Saluting the flag is kissing the whip. So too is rising for the national ditty, or pledging allegiance to anything except your family.


Sarkoland (formerly France)