February 28, 2008

A man, a plan, a canal, a .. holy crap

My friends, not only is old angry batshit psycho John McCain a lobbyist-humper who broke his own FEC finance laws, he may be an illegal immigrant who's not eligible to be President.


Anonymous said...

Much as I wish i were true, since he was born in a Military Hospital, on a US Base, on US soil, he is considered a Native-Born US Citizen.

My own sister was born at an Air Force Hospital in Germany. She's a Native-Born US Citizen.

US Embassies and US Military Bases are considered US Soil.

It doesn't disqualify McCain, but, it DOES call into question the actual Legality of this Admin's actions in Gitmo, and at US Military Bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

The reason they USE Gitmo is because they are errantly calling it "Non-US soil." it is, and has been since the walls, fences and the US Flag went up on those soils. Those detained at those Bases are on US Soil, and entitled to the same due process that detainees in brigs INCONUS are entitled to. I've no idea why the Media refuses to acknowledge the obvious. Or any group, for that matter.


maru said...

I know, sometimes I just can't resist posting the way a freetard would if it had been a story about a demoncrap!