March 31, 2008

Definitely a definitive Defining Moment

A cease-fire negotiated in and brokered by an Iranian general is yet another “defining moment in the history of a free Iraq.”

The Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr on Sunday called for his followers to stop fighting in Basra and in turn demanded concessions from Iraq’s government, after six days in which his Mahdi Army militia has held off an American-supported Iraqi assault on the southern port city.
The substance of Mr. Sadr’s statement, released Sunday afternoon, was hammered out in elaborate negotiations over the past few days with senior Iraqi officials, some of whom traveled to Iran to meet with Mr. Sadr, according to several officials involved in the discussions.
The worst threat to civilization evah, Iran, steps in and meddles in the glorious war by negotiating a cease-fire as the defining moments keep coming:
The fortified Green Zone came under fresh attack Monday, less than 24 hours after anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr told his fighters to stand down following a week of clashes with government forces. […]
The rocket or mortar attacks on the nerve center of the U.S. mission and the Iraqi government continued more than a week of near-daily fire mostly from Shiite-dominated areas of eastern Baghdad.
The war is over and we Sadr and Iran won. Mission accomplished. Time to get the fuck out.