March 27, 2008

Oh Woa Woa It's Magic.....

What so you get from a hooker for four thousand dollars? The magic vagina.

A story in last week's New York magazine on Eliot Spitzer (great cover, by the way) contained an interview with Jason Itzler, the self-professed king of all pimps. In the story, Itzler offered a juicy tidbit on Ashley Alexandra Dupre, whom he knew as Victoria, which has kept the blogosphere (and our imagination) buzzing for days. He claims that Dupre had "the most beautiful vagina in New York … Big hedge-fund guys, the heaviest hitters, called and I’d say, this is the girl with the magic pussy."
The question, of course: What makes it magic? Laser beams? A reflection of the Virgin Mary? Special appearance by Criss Angel? The mind reels, doesn't it? In case you don't believe Itzler, we get confirmation from a call girl named Natalie, who says, "As soon as I saw her coochie, I told Jason, this is special."
Sounds like someone's been doing her Kegel exercises.
And I thought just about every one of them were magic. The diagram below explains what a Magic Vagina™ TRULY is.
Proving once again that thius is a full service blog.


Anonymous said...

That is really a public service. There are a lot of guys who have really been trying to figure out what made Ms Dupre worth $4K an hour. I mean she is cute and all, but she is 22, apparantly not a rocket scientist or even a particularly good singer and did not seem to be doing anything for Spitzer except the sex--you know like painting his house or doing his laundry--so how come $4K? Thanks for explaining it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Undie, does Bed, Bath and Beyond sell any of those for less than 4 grand?