March 27, 2008

Phenomenal progress!

In an astonishing sign of normalcy, 'the US-protected Green Zone was hammered with rockets and mortars for the fourth day this week.'

Thick, black smoke billowed from inside the heavily fortified home of the U.S. Embassy and Iraqi government. American military officials say the attacks are coming from breakaway factions of anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army.
In another sign of our remarkable turnaround, gunmen blew up yet another Iraqi oil pipeline.
Oil jumped above $107 on Thursday after saboteurs blew up one of Iraq's two main export pipelines. The attack came on the third day of an Iraqi military operation against fighters loyal to Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in the oil port of Basra.
Never mind, the insurgency is in its last throes and we're being greeted as liberators with flowers and candy.
Tens of thousands of supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr marched in Baghdad on Thursday to protest against a crackdown against his followers and call for the downfall of the U.S.-backed government.
In another of our successful endeavors, we're still bombing the bejesus out of the capitol city.
U.S. aircraft supporting an Iraqi government offensive against Shiite Muslim militias bombed suspected militia positions south of Baghdad amid intense fighting Wednesday in parts of the Iraqi capital and in the southern port city of Basra.
And as we see the results of the dramatic changes, our troops are becoming exhausted.
Behind the Pentagon's closed doors, U.S. military leaders -- concerned U.S. forces are wearing thin -- told Preznit Gameboy Wednesday they are worried about the Afghanistan and Iraq wars' mounting strain on troops and their families.
But never fear, we are winning.
McCain’s Iraq victory speech was interrupted by reports of violence in Iraq: While giving one of his standard “we’re winning in Iraq... I don’t care what you say” speeches today, [Saint] McCain was interrupted by MSNBC with some breaking news of violence from that country.
No, really. And he doesn't care what this guy says:
The civilian spokesman for the Baghdad security operation -- a Sunni who often appeared with U.S. military and embassy officials at news conferences to tout the successes of the surge -- ironically has been kidnapped and his three bodyguards killed.
It's a "positive moment"!

Update: "Terrorists fired 16 rockets into the International Zone from surrounding Baghdad districts in four separate attacks during the morning and early afternoon of March 26. One Coalition force soldier, two U.S. civilians, and one Iraqi Army soldier were wounded in the attack. Several structures and one vehicle were also damaged."

Another report says an American was killed in the attack. Outstanding!

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Anonymous said...

Well on the bright side, it looks like there will still be plenty of opportunity for American soldiers to be sitting ducks come January 20, 2009 when Dumbya will be out of work so he will have a chance to experience the "romance"of war first hand if he is so inclined.