March 27, 2008

Waffling Willard McWhitebread stumps with senile old white guy

The flipflopping gay-loving abortion-lobbyist and dog-abuser, who not that long ago accused John McCain of adopting underhanded Nixonian tactics, has joined his erstwhile rival on the campaign trail.

Angry psycho John McCain was getting some help Thursday from a tearful Mitt Romney, a pairing that two months ago seemed improbable as the two fought bitterly for the party's presidential nomination.
In other words, Romney flipflopped again.

"Come on, dog -- let's pack some fudge!"

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Anonymous said...

Maru - you're acting as if the Repukes WORDS actually relate in some even vaguely descriptive way to their ACTIONS! It's a LOT easier to understand them when you view those two things (ie; Repuke WORDS & Repuke ACTIONS) as being virtually uncorrelated. (Not even a NEGATIVE correlation) A few of the Repukes have slipped-up and let it out that it's 'all about image/brand'. They just want to get their man's face/image on the tube because they believe (not entirely incorrectly) that the US Sheeple will forget words/ideas/concepts and only recall a general fuzzy feeling about a candidate. But even a dog that's been kicked too much may try to run off and find a new home, and I think the US voter MAY be FINALLY approaching that attitude towards the Reboobs...