May 8, 2008

Rethug morals and family values

Boy, for the party that promised to bring honor and integrity back to Washington, they've sure gotten caught practicing in extramarital nookie a lot.

Repuke Rep. Vito Fossella becoming a total embarrassment to his (former) supporters in the GOP --

Party officials were losing confidence Fossella could hold onto his seat even if he survived fallout from his drunken-driving arrest in Alexandria, Va., last week, the sources said.

The married congressman also faced questions over whether he had a 3-year-old love child with retired Lt. Col. Laura Fay, who rescued him from the drunk tank on Thursday, the sources and others familiar with the conversations said.
The married congressman was arrested last Thursday after blowing a red light and possibly his mistress. His blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit, records show.

This just in... In a related story, David "diapers" Vitter will NOT face a Senate ethics probe over his involvement boinking hookers in the DC Madam case, CNN is reporting. Figures. 'Cause IOKIYAR.