January 1, 2009

Around blogtopia

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The banned words/people of 2009. Can we plz ban Sean Hannity too?

And some New Year's resolutions:

Athenae will try not to beat the snot out of anyone in the medical profession.

Buck at the Pensito Review will stop referring to impotent junkie Rush Limbaugh as a “gas bag” and instead refer to him as a “great hulking goober of a gas bag”

Joe at AmericaBlog is "never going to read or link to the god-awful, painful, cartoonish website, The Page, which is written by the equally painful Mark Halperin." (For more on Halperin, see here.)

Simon sez he "will only say 'Go Fuck Yourself' to people who really deserve it."

What's your New Year's resolution? Mine is to get more exercise. I've pencilled in Tuesday, two weeks from now, around 5:00.