July 8, 2009

GOP candidates in Va., NJ wary of Palin

Blithering drama-queen may do more harm than good, say panicking pols.

Sarah Palin's decision to step down as governor was driven in part by her wish to help Republican candidates across the country, associates say.

Oh, and to step away from the limelight and notoriety. And to spend more time with her family. And because God told her to. And because all the ethics investigations were costing an arm and a leg. And because the people of Alaska blah blah blah. And because the evil, Godless liberals were attacking her children everytime she dragged them onstage as props.

But in New Jersey and Virginia, both of which have competitive governors' races this year, the prospect of a visit from the imbecilic bumpkin has so far drawn a muted response from the GOP contenders in both states.

And by 'muted' they mean 'oh hell NO!!!'

Palin, a very polarizing figure, remains a decidedly mixed bag politically. While she remains wildly popular with mattress-soiling Rushbots, she's held in contempt by many Democrats and has had little success winning over independents, who make up a growing share of voters in many states.

In fact, a polling survey of Virginia voters found that Palin's selection as vice president made independents not only vomit copiously, but led to a majority sticking salad forks in their eyes at the very idea of voting Republican.