March 2, 2010

News you won’t see on TV

ACORN cleared: not-so-Breitbrat and crew edited their tapes to make ACORN look bad.

A four-month investigation by the Brooklyn district attorney found no evidence that ACORN had engaged in any criminal conduct, despite the hype conservative media gave to tapes of a fake prostitute asking for help from the organization.

"They [James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles] edited the tape to meet their agenda," a law enforcement source said.

Breitbart, meanwhile, has refused to release the full videotapes of any of the ACORN visits. He says his critics may not "have the stomach to deal with" what's on the tapes.
Funny, considering…
It turns out that Andrew Breitbart didn't actually know what was on the ACORN tapes when he helped launch them on his website last year…

That's right -- Breitbart didn't know what was on the tapes. Take a few seconds to let the implications of that confession sink in, and what it means to Breitbart's already dented credibility.
Or so he says. Anyway, why aren’t these people in prison for this shit?

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