January 27, 2011


I accidently watched CNN last night and both Wolf Blitzer and John King -- and their guests --were congratulating themselves for being the only nutwork to put Michele Bachmann's reply to the SOTU on.

BLITZER: Well, Michele Bachmann, you know, we're getting a little grief, as you know, for carrying her response live here on CNN. Did -- be honest. Did we do the right thing?

SOME FINGERBONING ASSHOLE NAMED MORGAN: Completely did the right thing, because to me, it is the main story. ...

BLITZER: You know, both of us are doing a lot of tweeting --


BLITZER: And I tweeted earlier today, should Piers Morgan interview Michele Bachmann on your new show, "IT'S HARD TO TALK WITH A REPUBLICAN BONER DOWN YOUR THROAT"? And I said I would ask you if you want to interview her. Do you?

MORGAN: Definitely. I think she would be a great interview. I find the Tea Party phenomenon really intriguing. And right now, as I say -- I'm going to repeat it -- you know, I think it's a very important story. And I think it's the most important political story developing in America. And you know -- and MSNBC, if you don't want to run the stuff, we will at CNN proudly and correctly. This is news.

BLITZER: I totally agree.

It's shit like this that has driven me from watching cable nooze.