September 27, 2002

It's always darkest before the dawn, but it's been night for too goddamn long now.

Snipped from Mark Morford's column:

Dubya finally agreed to ask for congressional approval to launch his dad's grumpy unfinished war and then Cheney had his flying monkeys orchestrate it so anyone who voted "no" would have their political genitalia handed to them in a Dixie cup by Ashcroftian goons...

Plethoric and growing like a ConAgra heifer on BGH are the numbers of giddy Republicans applauding Bush's every oil-drunk Cheney-led move, glad handing each other and lighting each others' stubby Cohibas and gloating about how this sure is the best of times, strike up the band and launch some missiles and let's do some oily good under God, Inc.

And according to the polls, this ruddy, trigger-happy bunch apparently represents a very large segment of the American populace.

It claims to speak for many of the deeply and patriotically misguided as they wave their flags and blindly support Geedubya and ignore the appalled international reaction, the horrifying shift from relative global steadiness and cooperation to interminable uproar and aggression.

And just across the aisle like a quivering mass of timid gelatin sits an emasculated and depressingly large cadre of spineless Democrats, shoulders slumped and looking at their shoes, trying to remain viable and appropriately zealous and pro-America as they toe the line...

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