September 27, 2002

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Dick 'Fluffy' Gephardt, miffed over Bunnypants playing politics 'with the safety and security of the American people,' has written a piece for the NY Times:

"Four times in the past week Mr. Bush has echoed these words. On Monday, he went so far as to say that the Democrat-led Senate is 'not interested in the security of the American people.' In a recent speech in Kansas, Vice President Dick Cheney also entered the act, saying that our nation's security efforts would be stronger if a Republican candidate for Congress were elected."


"This is not how a great nation should debate issues of war and peace. To question people's patriotism for simply raising questions about how a war is to be fought and won — to say that anybody who doesn't support the president's particular policy on national security is against national security — is not only insulting, it's immoral.

Well, great - it really is about time some of you lily-livered clowns woke up and said something. It just isn't good enough to bleat your 'outrage' over insulting comments from the rightwingnuts and chickenhawks, then go back to pink-tutu mode, trying to appease them. It doesn't work. We need more speeches like Al Gore's, Tom Daschle's, and comments like this by Gephardt, and we need to flood the media with them. We need the Dems to start kicking ass.

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