September 19, 2002

Go, Will Pitt!

The UK Guardian posts an interview our old DU and BC Forum buddy William Rivers Pitt, author of War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know (Context Books, October 2002), had with former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, on why we should not believe the AWOL Wonderchimp's insistence that Iraq is harboring dangerous weapons.

{snip} "Since 1998 Iraq has been fundamentally disarmed: 90-95% of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capability has been verifiably eliminated. This includes all of the factories used to produce chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and long-range ballistic missiles; the associated equipment of these factories; and the vast majority of the products coming out of these factories."

Meanwhile, to no one's surprise, USA Today is reporting that the Fundraising Fratboy and his nannies are "expanding on and in some cases contradicting U.S. intelligence reports in making the case for an invasion of Iraq:

"Administration officials accuse Iraq of having ties to al-Qaeda terrorists and of amassing weapons of mass destruction despite uncertain and sometimes contrary intelligence on these issues, according to officials. In some cases, top administration officials disagree outright with what the CIA and other intelligence agencies report. For example, they repeat accounts of al-Qaeda members seeking refuge in Iraq and of terrorist operatives meeting with Iraqi intelligence officials, even though U.S. intelligence reports raise doubts about such links. On Iraqi weapons programs, administration officials draw the most pessimistic conclusions from ambiguous evidence."

Gee, that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that since the Golfing Goober came into office 2 million jobs have been lost, there's been a $4.5 trillion loss in stock market values, drops in the value of workers' retirement savings and in consumer confidence, health care costs and foreclosures have increased, not to mention the huge projected federal surpluses have all but vanished?


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