September 24, 2003

Bush’s UN fiasco
Napoleon Boob-apart’s message: If you don’t want to help us, you’re on the side of the terrorists.

Sept. 23 - Has an American president ever delivered such a bafflingly impertinent speech before the General Assembly as the one George W. Bush gave this morning?

The speech seemed cobbled from the catchphrases of last year’s playbook - without showing the slightest recognition that the old words have grown stale and sour. - - Fred Kaplan, MSNBC.

Bush’s NY poll numbers plummet
September 23, 2003 - Partying fundraiser Snippy the Chimp's approval rating has taken a double-digit drop among New York voters in five months and about one-quarter of republicans now say they will vote against him, a statewide poll reported Tuesday.

The lying bungler's approval rating now stands at 44 percent, down from 58 in April and a high of 79 in December 2001. In the latest Marist poll, 48% of NY voters surveyed, including 23 percent of republicans, said they definitely planned to vote against Bush in the 2004 election.

"There is some erosion at his base, not just an overall alienation among Democrats," Marist College's Lee Miringoff said. Economy and jobs were the top issue for them while just 41 percent said that about the war on terrorism. - - NY Newsday.

Bush’s macho facade goes limp
The illusion of Viagra; the reality of impotence: by BuzzFlash columnist Maureen Farrell. Good piece, but all that talk about the Chimp-in-Chief's bulging "sock drawer" left me a bit queasy.

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