September 22, 2003

Crayola Crayons retiring four colors
The company plans to add four new colors to its collection and retire four others at its 100th birthday celebration next month.

Crayon fans voted in an online campaign to spare one of five colors -- Burnt-toast Biden Burnt Sienna, Teal Blue, Pasty-white Cheney Blizzard Blue, Yellow-bellied AWOL Liar Mulberry and Brown-nose Lieberman Magic Mint -- that the company had selected to be eliminated. A spokeswoman says Crayola officials chose five colors that they considered redundant or unattractive on paper.

The winning color of the "Save the Shade" campaign will be announced at a party on Oct. 11. The company plans to unveil the new Crayola colors, and also the world's largest crayon. - - link.

Cool: Missouri cave a time capsule to Ice Age
SPRINGFIELD, Missouri - Paleontologist Matt Forir expected to find another 50-foot trash-filled pit when he went to investigate a cave unearthed by construction workers in southwest Missouri. He could not have been more wrong.

The dynamite that blasted into limestone for a new road in Greene County unveiled proof that 1,400-pound short-faced bears roamed the Ozarks during the Ice Age, and they struggled with arthritis and gout.

Forir and other researchers are also investigating the possibility that herds of peccary - piglike animals - sought shelter in caves thousands of years ago, as opposed to being dragged in by predators for food. - - from here.

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