September 22, 2003

In other news

  • Pentagon: Operation Sitting Duck a success

  • Grasso resigns to spend more time with his money

  • Schwarzenegger: killing Gray Davis an option

  • Rumsfeld promises to leave Iraq 'just as we found it'

  • Bush: No Proof Saddam Played Role In 9/11
    Can't understand why anyone would think that.

  • Constitution, Bill of Rights in New Display in Nation's Capital
    First stop on Farewell Tour.

  • U.S. Finds Iraq's Nuclear Weapons
    In North Korea.

  • Forbes 400 Ten Percent Richer This Year
    In a conference call, they thank President Bush.

    News Quiz: When Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) said recently that "making people struggle a little bit is not necessarily the worst thing," he was referring to:

    A ) Making the top 1% of Americans scrape by without the latest Bush tax cut.
    B ) Making the administration explain where the extra $87 billion they want for Iraq is going to come from.
    C ) Making top foreign policy advisors pass high school history tests about the countries they want us to invade before devising battle plans.
    D ) Making welfare mothers take minimum wage jobs without providing child care for their young children.

    - - Ironic Times.

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