April 25, 2007

Before we dive right in, all praise be to Maru, Queen of Incivility. Would that we could all be as shrill--and painfully dead on--as she. I'm JasonC, recently relapsed blogger for the G-list WeLoveAmericaMoreThanAnyone. Very glad to be here. I mostly come here for the pictures.


This morning's topic: The King of Propaganda himself, Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly is obsessed with George Soros. He is upset, apparently because George, he says, is very powerful man who "has set up a complicated political operation designed to do two things -- buy influence among some liberal politicians, and smear people with whom he disagrees." If you're trying hard to keep the bile down after reading that, you're not alone. It's fair to presume that few of his rabid fans caught the faintest scent of irony after hearing that.

He even set up this cool little chart to show just how sinister Mr. Soros' vast left-wing conspiracy has become.

That is pretty damning. But of course, like all of the liquidy diarrhea that dribbles out of Bill's mouth and miraculously becomes human language, it's all pretty much a lie.

For those of you WTF readers who also need pretty little flow charts in order to understand complex subjects, here is a handy illustration of Mr. Loofah's Incredible Rise to Lord of the Right-wing Douchebags. (coming soon to a theatre near you)

Note to Mr. Soros, who I hear has a boy-crush on Maru: If you give me $1million, I can make many, many more of these, on many many other right-wing mouth-breathers.



Undeniable Liberal said...

The first chart left out the connection from Soro's cash to Maru, which she is kindly sharing with us.

Scott said...

I'm still perplexed as to how he went from Inside Edition to super-douche...I'm frightened for Deborah Norville. what kind of monster will she become when her days behind the IE desk are done? Will she be Coulter on crack? I shudder to think

Anonymous said...

undeniable liberal---shhh...you know the IRS reaches this site.

Aaron A. said...

I can see clearly now.
These charts are so helpful

divageek said...

Love this. :) BTW welcome to Jason and UL. :)

Anonymous said...

Jason, Diva and UL have come off the bench to perform admirably. Keep up the good work.

Now get in there and hit somebody!

Anonymous said...

JasonC, tell me the truth: This is why Falafel Boy settled out of court, isn't it? He was afraid he'd have to produce [cue eerie music] Teh Chart! So who leaked it to you?

And BTW, are we sure that it was in '76 that he had his humanitectomy? I thought maybe '75 . . . or '74 . . . or at birth . . . you know, like a Republican circumcision . . . .

maru said...

More cash for everybody! Yay! You all deserve it!