April 27, 2007

Something is bugging me.......


maru said...


Undeniable Liberal said...

We miss you, Maru!

Anonymous said...

So, this man and his nine year old daughter are driving down the street. They come to a stoplight, and notice the couple in front of them are arguing in the car.

The car takes off, and they watch as the couple yell and scream at each other. They follow behind, when suddenly the woman reaches over, and cuts the man's johnson off.

Out the window she tosses it, only to have it land on the windshield of the car behind them, momentarily stick, then blows off.

The man looks at his daughter, she returns the look. He doesn't know what to say, when his daughter asks "What was THAT, daddy?"

"Ah ah ah ah a bug, honey"

"Oh yeah? Well, it sure had a big dick!!!"

Unknown said...

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