May 14, 2007

I Thought Somebody Was Warming Up Old Fish in the Microwave...
The object of many a Reich-Wing masturbatory fantasy, mAnn Coulter has been cleared of voter fraud charges, but the "liberal media" sorta, kinda forgot to mention that the FBI is investigating the fact that her former boyfriend one of its agents inappropriately interfered with the investigation of Coulter. What a surprise, mAnn Coulter actually had a boyfriend?

Bet THAT was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway that reeks like the dumpster behind Red Lobster on a hot, August afternoon.

Undeniable Liberal


--mf said...

THAT is the kind of Award-Winning visualization that keeps me coming back for more, Maru-- DAMN girl... HOLY SHIT, that was probably the most brutal piece of snarky verbage that I have EVER read here. Hell, ANYWHERE!

Now that I have gotten past the gag reflex, and wiped the beer off the monitor, all I can say is--




--mf said...

I apologize, U.L.--

I failed to read the By Line.

This post is simply amazing. Once in my life, I was a commercial painter, and painted a Red lobster in the middle of High Summer-- I KNOW that smell. now, I've got a face to put on it.

U.L., you're the clear front-runner for the coveted 2nd Annual Golden Monkeyfist Awards-- The Silver Sailor's Tongue Award (with double barb cluster) category-- first awarded to Maru, is looking like it's going to you, even this early in the year.



Anonymous said...

Damn, UL, that's Grade A, right-up-there-with-maru-quality bloggerin'!!1!

Anonymous said...

Maru, I have to share this one with you. Out here in the Pacific Northwest we like this phrase. "It was like fuckin' a bucket of ripe oysters".

Undeniable Liberal said...

You guys flatter me...but I got a huge chuckle out the bucket of oysters.....and it WILL be used in future references to mAnn Coulter...heh!